Utilizing DARs

Your digital identity—
derived from your favorite brands.

Utilizing DARs

Your digital identity—derived from your favorite brands

The digital you


DARs allow merchants to create unique digital products and enhance their brand recognition in the digital world–which creates opportunity for secondary sales and royalty earnings. As a user, your avatar represents your journey throughout our ecosystem. Assets that are obtained as DARs, through, games, or our marketplace can be equipped to customize your digital profile.

Assets as DARs


DARs, or Digital Asset Receipts, are a new way to integrate NFT technology into payment processing.

By issuing DARs to customers for purchases made on their platform, merchants can provide customers with a token tied to a specific transaction. These tokens can be used as assets for your avatar to use throughout the Ozura ecosystem—or as rewards points. For Advertisers, DARs can be an entirely new way to understand consumers and target advertising.