The future of payments.

Nov 15, 2022

Customers need to give an arm and a leg to pay for products online. Luckily, cryptocurrency is here to save the day.

Fun Fact: This post was written by a member of the Ozura team before joining Ozura. We're not sure if we can claim it as our own post, but we're going to anyway (it's that good).

The other day I was wondering what the atmospheric pressure on mars would do to the human body. I went to Google and searched for “mars atmospheric pressure” and the first result was a Quora answer. I clicked on it and was taken to a page that looked like this:

So, of course I clicked learn more.

Alright, so if I want the full answer I have to join.

Right after I join, this paywall pops up. Great. I had to go through all those clicks for this:

But Quora gets more than a payment, they get access to (all my data):

My brain:

Are you tired of giving away your personal data and paying exorbitant fees just to access online content? Well, you're not alone. Many consumers are looking for a better way to pay for products and services online. That's where Ozura comes in.

How it could be better:

Let's take Quora as an example. You want to know the atmospheric pressure on Mars, so you search for it on Google and click on the first Quora answer. But to see the entire answer, you must join Quora and pay a fee.

Imagine if you could pay for Quora+ using Ethereum instead. You could have a dedicated Ethereum wallet for Quora and choose to make a one-time payment giving you access to Quora+ for life or stream micropayments to Quora every hour, day, week, or month - cancel anytime. With an Ethereum wallet, you can pay without granting third-party access to your personal data, and companies can reap the benefits of greater capital efficiency. All you have to do to sign into the platform is connect your wallet to Quora. And if you run out of funds, your subscription is automatically canceled. There is no such thing as overdrafts.

But it's not just better for consumers. Quora could also greatly benefit from this payment method. By accepting payments in ETH or stablecoins, Quora could earn more revenue over time than traditional payment methods and instantly pay out a percentage of the Quora+ subscription cost with answer contributors. And with access to your wallet address, Quora could create entirely new incentivization models like a Quora+ NFT that gives users access to new products and services. Major-known brands have made millions in revenue selling and collecting royalties with NFTs; imagine an NFT that provides deeper access.

This is just a concept for now. But with innovative solutions like Ozura, the possibilities are endless. So why settle for outdated payment methods when cryptocurrency could save the day?


I wrote this post to show readers what is capable with Ozura! This design was done in a few minutes by inspecting the Quora web page *not* using the Ozura payment widget. This is not real (yet).